The Albert Dock,

The Brief

Struggling with low footfall and a lack of energy, I was brought in by the
Albert Dock in 2007 to provide a fresh pair of eyes on the Dock’s leisure, tourism and marketing offer. Working with the team at the Dock we have developed it significantly as a visitor attraction – my brief now is to maintain that momentum and its position as the North West’s most-visited free attraction.
  • The Albert Dock, <br> Liverpool

My role

Over the past eight years I've worked on various stages of the Dock's development. Initially my role was to tackle its identity, and create a marketing and PR strategy and action plan. I focused on what worked at the Dock, repositioning the estate around tourism and leisure, working with tenants, stakeholders and partners including Marketing Liverpool and – as the area developed – ACC Liverpool and Liverpool One. We delivered a full marketing and communications strategy, building an events programme alongside a friendly consumer campaign, PR and marketing tactics for multiple audiences. Alongside the strategic plan, my role was to work with tenants to gain their commitment and cooperation, help them work together as a team, and create a forum for their ideas. My focus now is on maintaining the momentum and position: how the Dock looks; how it delivers and the events it puts on. 2014 was the Dock's best year to date. Footfall has risen from 1.8m to 5.67m annually, and December 2014 was the site's best ever December. 'Rachael has the implicit trust of all of the tenants to do what's best for the Dock.
She's worked tirelessly with both tenants and landowners to increase footfall and revenues.'
- Jeremy Roberts (Chair: Albert Dock Tenants Association)

More Projects

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