Liverpool International Music Festival

The Brief

To develop a strategic vision for how Liverpool’s new music festival should be focused, and how this reflects the city’s positioning of its music offer.

My Role

Beginning with a full strategy, I looked at what the festival is, of, and should be, from a destination marketing viewpoint. It was important, from the city’s perspective, that the festival reflected the ever-evolving creativity of the city, rather than focusing on past successes. That strategy was rolled out alongside a full campaign to promote the music festival and further perceptions of music in the city overall. I also mentored the marketing manager in my first year, supporting her development for future festivals.

Now in its third year, my focus is on reinforcing the LIMF brand. Starting with a brand workshop, I am working with the LIMF team and its partners to make sure everyone works to that brand, maintaining the momentum and visibility of the festival’s growth.

LIMF circle

Getting the orientation of a new music festival right is crucial in a crowded market. Working with Rachael meant that my vision for the event was shared and adopted by the wider team, leading to a focused an authentic festival for the city.