RHS Flower Show, Tatton Park

The Brief

I worked alongside the RHS team to introduce an authentic regional element to the Tatton Park show, developing the festival to recognise the uniqueness of the location.

My Role

My remit was to make sure that tourism agency Visit Chester and Cheshire could make the most of an RHS event hosted at one of their key assets. My role included maximising the scope of the event, to widen its appeal from a horticultural niche to a premium leisure experience, whilst recognising the value and status of the RHS brand. We worked to build a high quality experience for visitors focusing on attention to detail, including event signage, catering by Fortnum and Mason and new champagne bars. Having developed the scope of the event, we worked on how to communicate the experience to visitors through marketing materials.

Gaining the trust of the RHS was a crucial part of my role, allowing us to develop the event over a three year period. Our collective challenge was to align their branding with local expectation and demand, and ensure it was thoroughly and consistently communicated.

The RHS show at Tatton Park was a tough project. Rachael was responsible for managing the expectations of all of the stakeholders and gaining their trust and commitment. Her tenacity and sensitivity – alongside her destination and events experience – were key to delivering a successful series of events for us.